Volume 2 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 2,866 baptism records for the period 1816 thru 1825. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related ancestors surnames search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism surnames, first names found in this ancestry book.

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Baptism Ancestors Surnames: Guerra - Marroguin
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Guerra, Juana Maria De Los Angeles Leal, Jose Justo
Guerra, Maria Candida De Jesus Leal, Jose Leandro
Guerra, Maria De Los Dolores Leal, Jose Leonardo
Guerra, Maria Francisca Leal, Jose Manuel
Guerra, Maria Gertrudis Leal, Jose Maria
Guerra, Maria Josefa Leal, Jose Maria Del Carmen
Guerra, Maria Juana Leal, Jose Maria Del Rosario
Guerra, Maria Luisa Leal, Jose Martin
Guerra, Maria Tecla De La Cruz Leal, Jose Nasario De La Trinidad
Guerra, Pedro Antonio Leal, Jose Nicolas Tolentino
Guerra, Pedro Jose Leal, Jose Pablo
Guerra, Pedro Nolasco Leal, Jose Rafael
Guerrero, Blas Maria Leal, Jose Ramon
Guerrero, Jose Bernardo Leal, Jose Ramon De La Trinidad
Guerrero, Maria Leal, Jose Ramon Ysidoro
Guerrero, Maria De San Juan Nepomucena Leal, Jose Simon
Guerrero, Maria Encarnacion Leal, Jose Telesforo
Guerrero, Maria Leocadia Leal, Jose Trinidad
Guerrero, Maria Nicolasa Leal, Jose Yldefonzo
Guerrero, Maria Ricarda Marta Leal, Jose Ynocencio
Guerrero, Maria Trinidad Leal, Juan Antonio
Guevara, Jose Antonio Leal, Juan Baptista
Guevara, Maria Dolores Leal, Juan Jose
Guiros, Anna Maria Leal, Juan Jose Teodoro
Guitron, Jose Estanislao Leal, Juana Maria
Guitron, Jose Ricardo Leal, Maria Antonia
Gusman, Jose Antonio Prudencio Leal, Maria Benita
Gusman, Jose Epitacio Leal, Maria Clara De La Trinidad
Gusman, Jose Felis Leal, Maria Concepcion
Gusman, Jose Francisco De Jesus Leal, Maria De Jesus
Gusman, Maria Ramona Leal, Maria De Los Dolores
Gusman, Pablo Leal, Maria De Los Dolores Patricia
Gutierres, Jose Antonio Leal, Maria Del Carmen
Gutierres, Jose Luterio Leal, Maria Del Refugio
Gutierres, Jose Patricio Leal, Maria Del Rosario
Gutierres, Maria Ysabel Leal, Maria Del Socorro
Haumada, Jose Clemente Leal, Maria Dolores
Haumada, Maria Felipa De Jesus Leal, Maria Eduvige De Guadalupe
Hernandez, Jose Agapito Leal, Maria Francisca
Hernandez, Jose Antonio Leal, Maria Gertrudis
Hernandez, Jose Bernarde Leal, Maria Guadalupe
Hernandez, Jose Cresencio De Jesus Leal, Maria Josefa
Hernandez, Jose Felipe Leal, Maria Josefa Chrisana
Hernandez, Jose Froylan Leal, Maria Josefa Trinidad
Hernandez, Jose Guadalupe Leal, Maria Juana
Hernandez, Jose Leonardo Leal, Maria Juana Ramona
Hernandez, Jose Luis Leal, Maria Juliana
Hernandez, Jose Ramon Quitero Leal, Maria Leonarda
Hernandez, Jose Reducindo Leal, Maria Lorenza
Hernandez, Jose Victor Antonio Leal, Maria Manuela Dominga
Hernandez, Juan Evangelita Leal, Maria Nicolasa De La Trinidad
Hernandez, Juan Jose De La Cruz Leal, Maria Paula
Hernandez, Juana Maria Leal, Maria Petra
Hernandez, Juana Petra Pasquala Leal, Maria Ramona
Hernandez, Maria Antonia Casilda Leal, Maria Rita
Hernandez, Maria Benigna Leal, Maria Rosalia
Hernandez, Maria De La Merced Leal, Maria Trinidad
Hernandez, Maria Del Pilar Leal, Maria Vicenta
Hernandez, Maria Felipa Leal, Maria Ygnacia Marta
Hernandez, Maria Josefa De La Trinidad Leal, Maria Ygnes
Hernandez, Maria Juana Leal, Maria Ysabel
Hernandez, Maria Pioguinto Leal, Maria Ysabel Ysifon
Hernandez, Maria Trinidad Leal, Maria Zapopa
Hernandez, Maria Victoriana Leal, Mariana
Hernandez, Tomas Leal, Mariano
Herrera, Antonio Polonio Leal, Matias
Herrera, Maria Concepcion Leal, Pablo De Jesus
Herrera, Maria De La Trinidad Sostenes Leal, Pablo Jose
Herrera, Maria Edubige Leal, Pedro Jose
Herrera, Maria Estefana Leal, Rafael
Hoyerbides, Jose Martin Leal, Ysabel
Huerta, Maria De Jesus Lederma, Jose Claudio
Huerta, Maria Teresa De Jesus Lederma, Jose Maria
Jaime, Jose Bernardo Lederma, Jose Mauricio
Jauregui, Jose Miguel Lederma, Jose Rosalio
Jauregui, Maria Josefa Trinidad Guadalupe Lederma, Maria Trinidad
Jauregui, Pedro Jose Leos, Marcelino
Jayme, Maria Decideria Leos, Maria Elena De La Cruz
Jigueroa, Maria Trinidad Leos, Maria Maxima
Jimenez, Jose Ne. Cleto Leos, Maria Rita
Jimenez, Maria Vicenta Lerma, Jose Ancelmo
Landaverde, Jose Gregorio Lerma, Jose Damaso Ramon
Landaverde, Maria Ramona Lerma, Jose Eugenio
Lara, Maria Antonia De La Concepcion Lerma, Jose Juan Estevan
Lazo, Jose Antonio Lerma, Jose Macedonio
Lazo, Jose Maria De Jesus Lerma, Jose Manuel
Lazo, Jose Placedo De Jesus Lerma, Jose Maria Eustaguio
Lazo, Maria Cornelia Lerma, Juana Maria
Lazo, Maria Del Carmen Lerma, Maria De Jesus
Lazo, Maria Lina Lerma, Maria De La Luz
Lazo, Maria Trinidad De Jesus Lerma, Maria Dolores Anastacia Ramona
Leal Cantu, Jose Antonio Ramon Lerma, Maria Francisca Joaquina
Leal Cantu, Maria Guadalupe Lerma, Maria Paula
Leal De Leon, Ambrocio Lerma, Maria Ramona
Leal De Leon, Jose Felipe Benicio Lerma, Maria Trinidad
Leal De Leon, Jose Trinidad Leyton, Maria Antonia Balbina
Leal De Leon, Jose Trinidad De Jesus Leyton, Maria Dolores
Leal De Leon, Juan Jose Licea, Maria Ursula
Leal De Leon, Maria De La Concepcion De Jesus Llanes, Maria Yldefonsa
Leal De Leon, Maria Del Carmen Longoria, Jose Maria
Leal De Leon, Pedro Jose Lopez, Jose Antonio
Leal Martinez, Blas Maria Lopez, Jose Benigno
Leal, Bernabe Lopez, Jose Carlos Ramon
Leal, Brigido Lopez, Jose Estevan
Leal, Cosme Damian Gregorio Lopez, Jose Leocadio
Leal, Diego Lopez, Jose Salome
Leal, Francisco Lopez, Maria De Jesus
Leal, Francisco De La Trinidad Lopez, Maria Decideria Benigna
Leal, Guillermo Lopez, Maria Del Carmen
Leal, Jose Agapito Lopez, Maria Teresa Gregoria
Leal, Jose Antonio Loza Villasenor, Maria De Los Dolores Decideria
Leal, Jose Antonio Aniceto Loza y Villasenor, Maria Josefa
Leal, Jose Antonio De Jesus Loza y Villasenor, Maria Ygnacia
Leal, Jose Antonio De La Trinidad Lozano, Jose Cayetano Pedro
Leal, Jose Antonio Ramon Lozano, Jose Felis Tristan Pablo Jesus Maria
Leal, Jose Antonio Ysidoro Lozano, Maria Concepcion
Leal, Jose Benito Lozano, Maria Genoveva
Leal, Jose De La Trinidad Lozano, Maria Rita Del Carmen Ynocencia
Leal, Jose Del Rosario Lozano, Maria Simona Felicitas
Leal, Jose Diego Luna, Maria Polonia
Leal, Jose Enrrique Madrigel, Jose Ynocencio
Leal, Jose Felipe De Jesus Maldonado, Jose Antonio
Leal, Jose Francisco Maldonado, Maria Juliana
Leal, Jose Gabriel Marichalar, Juan De Dios Francisco De Paula
Leal, Jose Gregorio Marichalar, Manuel Ramon Ysmael
Leal, Jose Guadalupe Marichalar, Maria Teresa De Consolacion Petra
Leal, Jose Guadalupe Ruperto Marreyo, Jose Francisco
Leal, Jose Hermenegildo Marroguin, Jose Rafael

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 2: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1816-1825, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 2000, 289 pages.