Volume 1 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 1,869 baptism records for the period 1806 thru 1815. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related family ancestry maternal surnames search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism Mothers' surnames and first name found in this ancestry book.

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Baptism Maternal Surnames: Espinosa - Leal
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Espinosa, Eusebia Gonzalez, Barbara
Espinosa, Josefa Gonzalez, Barebara
Espinosa, Maria Josefa Gonzalez, Catarina
Fernandez, Maria Trinidad Gonzalez, Cayetana
Fernandez, Ricarda Gonzalez, Cecilia
Flores Galan, Maria Ysabel Gonzalez, Cipriana
Flores, Anna Gertrudis Gonzalez, Cypriana
Flores, Barbara Gonzalez, Francisca
Flores, Gertrudis Gonzalez, Gertrudis
Flores, Josefa Gonzalez, Guadalupe
Flores, Juana Gonzalez, Hermenegilda
Flores, Juana Maria Gonzalez, Juana
Flores, Maria Antonia Gonzalez, Juana Maria
Flores, Maria Gertrudis Gonzalez, Juliana
Flores, Maria Juana Gonzalez, Luisa
Flores, Maria Juana Josefa Gonzalez, Maria
Flores, Maria Liberata Gonzalez, Maria Adriana
Flores, Maria Librata Gonzalez, Maria Anna Dominga
Flores, Maria Petra Gonzalez, Maria Antonia
Flores, Maria Rita Gonzalez, Maria Barbara
Flores, Maria Tomasa Gonzalez, Maria Catarina
Flores, Maria Ygnacia Gonzalez, Maria Cayetana
Flores, Maria Ysabel Gonzalez, Maria Cecilia
Flores, Rosalia Gonzalez, Maria De Jesus
Flores, Tomasa Gonzalez, Maria Del Carmen
Fuentes, Candelaria Gonzalez, Maria Encarnacion
Fuentes, Dolores Gonzalez, Maria Esmerenciana
Fuentes, Juana Maria Gonzalez, Maria Eulalia
Fuentes, Maria Gonzalez, Maria Felipa
Fuentes, Maria Carmen Gonzalez, Maria Francisca
Fuentes, Maria Catarina Gonzalez, Maria Gertrudis
Fuentes, Maria Del Carmen Gonzalez, Maria Gertrudis De Jesus
Fuentes, Maria Felipa Gonzalez, Maria Guadalupe
Fuentes, Maria Felipe Gonzalez, Maria Josefa
Fuentes, Maria Gregoria Gonzalez, Maria Juana
Fuentes, Maria Josefa Gonzalez, Maria Juliana
Fuentes, Maria Rosalia Gonzalez, Maria Leonor
Gaitan, Maria Trinidad Gonzalez, Maria Lorenza
Galindo, Maria Dorotea Gonzalez, Maria Manuela
Galindo, Maria Del Carmen Gonzalez, Maria Matiana
Galindo, Maria Rita Gonzalez, Maria Nasaria
Galvan, Juana Maria Gonzalez, Maria Olaya
Galvan, Maria Josefa Gonzalez, Maria Petra
Galves, Maria Apolinaria Gonzalez, Maria Polinaria
Garcia Davila, Josefa Gonzalez, Maria Prudencia
Garcia Davila, Maria Adriana Gonzalez, Maria Redueinda
Garcia Davila, Maria Del Refugio Gonzalez, Maria Ridcuindez
Garcia Davila, Maria Josefa Gonzalez, Maria Rita
Garcia Davila, Maria Petra Gonzalez, Maria Rosalia
Garcia Davila, Maria Rosa Gonzalez, Maria Teresa
Garcia Davila, Maria Rosalia Gonzalez, Maria Tomasa
Garcia Davila, Maria Teresa Gonzalez, Maria Trinidad
Garcia Davila, Teresa Gonzalez, Maria Ygnacia
Garcia Garza, Maria Francisca Gonzalez, Maria Ynes
Garcia Guerra, Maria Josefa Gonzalez, Maria Ysabel
Garcia, Adriana Gonzalez, Meriniana
Garcia, Apolinaria Gonzalez, Polinaria
Garcia, Apolonaria Gonzalez, Rita
Garcia, Dolores Gonzalez, Rufina
Garcia, Gertrudis Gonzalez, Seferina
Garcia, Guadalupe Gonzalez, Teresa
Garcia, Juana Gonzalez, Ysabel
Garcia, Juana Maria Gonzalez, Ysabel Maria
Garcia, Manuela Guadiana, Maria Matiana
Garcia, Marcelina Guadiana, Maria Rita
Garcia, Maria Adriana Guadiana, Segunda
Garcia, Maria Albina Guadin, Gertrudis
Garcia, Maria Alvina Guajardo, Maria De Los Dolores
Garcia, Maria Andrea Guajardo, Yldefonsa
Garcia, Maria Antonia Guerra, Gertrudis
Garcia, Maria Caciana Guerra, Josefa
Garcia, Maria Catarina Guerra, Marcelina
Garcia, Maria De Jesus Guerra, Maria Francisca
Garcia, Maria De La Luz Guerra, Maria Geronima
Garcia, Maria De Los Dolores Guerra, Maria Gertrudis
Garcia, Maria De Los Santos Guerra, Maria Luisa
Garcia, Maria Del Refugio Guerra, Maria Manuela
Garcia, Maria Del Rosario Guerra, Maria Rosalia
Garcia, Maria Dolores Guerrero, Benita
Garcia, Maria Francisca Guerrero, Magdalena
Garcia, Maria Gertrudis Guerrero, Maria Benita
Garcia, Maria Guadalupe Guerrero, Maria Concepcion
Garcia, Maria Josefa Guerrero, Maria De Jesus
Garcia, Maria Juana Guerrero, Maria Victoria
Garcia, Maria Lugarda Gusman, Maria Antonia
Garcia, Maria Luisa Gusman, Maria Catarina
Garcia, Maria Manuela Gutierres, Maria Antonia
Garcia, Maria Nasaria Gutierres, Maria Marta
Garcia, Maria Nicolasa Gutierres, Maria Teresa
Garcia, Maria Petra Gutierres, Teresa
Garcia, Maria Rita Hernandez, Dolores
Garcia, Maria Teresa Hernandez, Francisca
Garcia, Maria Tomasa Hernandez, Gertrudis
Garcia, Mariana Hernandez, Maria Antonia
Garcia, Nicolasa Hernandez, Maria De Los Dolores
Garcia, Refugio Hernandez, Maria Dolores
Garcia, Rosa Maria Hernandez, Maria Encarnacion
Garcia, Rosalia Hernandez, Maria Estefana
Garza, Maria Catarina Hernandez, Nicolasa
Gaytan, Maria Bruna Hernandez, Paulina
Gil, Maria Guadalupe Jauregui, Maria Josefa
Gomez, Candelaria Jauregui, Maria Juana
Gomez, Felipe Jazo, Maria Antonia
Gomez, Juana Maria Jazo, Segunda
Gomez, Maria Antonia Juares, Maria Juana
Gomez, Maria Josefa Leal De Leon, Maria Gertrudis
Gomez, Maria Manuela Leal De Leon, Maria Teodora
Gonzalez Davila, Maria Ynes Leal De Leon, Maria Teresa
Gonzalez Hidalgo, Maria Juana Leal De Leon, Maria Ygnacia
Gonzalez Ochoa, Maria Antonia Leal, Adriana
Gonzalez Ochoa, Maria Gertrudis Leal, Anna Francisca
Gonzalez Ochoa, Maria Guadalupe Leal, Anna Maria
Gonzalez Ochoa, Maria Josefa Leal, Apolonia
Gonzalez Ochoa, Maria Rita Leal, Francisca
Gonzalez Quintanilla, Maria Catarina Leal, Francisca Adriana
Gonzalez Quintanilla, Maria De Jesus Leal, Gertrudis
Gonzalez, Adriana Leal, Juana
Gonzalez, Anastacia Leal, Lorenza
Gonzalez, Andriana Leal, Marcela
Gonzalez, Anna Josefa Leal, Maria
Gonzalez, Anna Manuela Leal, Maria Damiana
Gonzalez, Anna Maria Leal, Maria Del Carmen
Gonzalez, Apolinaria Leal, Maria Del Rosario

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 1: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1806-1815, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 1998, 193 pages.