Volume 1 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 1,869 baptism records for the period 1806 thru 1815. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related family tree surnames search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism surnames, first names found in this genealogy book.

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Baptism Surnames: Perez - Sais
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Perez, Jose Luis Beltran Rendon, Maria Josefa De La Trinidad
Perez, Jose Maria Resendes, Jose Eucedio
Perez, Jose Maria De La Rosa Resendez, Juan Baptista
Perez, Jose Nasario Reyes, Jose Antonio
Perez, Jose Rafael Reyes, Jose Mauricio
Perez, Jose Seferino Reyes, Jose Sitildo
Perez, Jose Vicente Reyes, Juan Jose Apolonio
Perez, Jose Victor Reyes, Maria Francisca
Perez, Jose Ygnacio Reyes, Maria Gertrudis Casimira
Perez, Jose Ygnacio Del Refugio Reyes, Maria Paula
Perez, Jose Ygnacio Epifanio Reyna, Jose Geronimo De La Trinidad
Perez, Jose Ylario Reyna, Juan Baptista
Perez, Jose Yrino Reyna, Maria Simona
Perez, Juan Baptista Rios, Agapito
Perez, Juan Jose Rios, Buenaba
Perez, Juan Nepomuceno Rios, Jose Antonio
Perez, Juana Rios, Jose Bernardino
Perez, Luis Rios, Jose Del Rosario
Perez, Maria Anna Rios, Jose Felis
Perez, Maria Antonia Rios, Jose Julian
Perez, Maria Apolonia Rios, Jose Manuel
Perez, Maria Candelaria Rios, Jose Martin Felipe
Perez, Maria Cayetana Rios, Jose Mateo Del Rosario
Perez, Maria Cecilia Rios, Jose Urbano Rumualdo
Perez, Maria Concepcion Rios, Juan
Perez, Maria De Jesus Rios, Juana Maria
Perez, Maria De Los Angeles Rios, Maria Concepcion
Perez, Maria De Los Dolores Rios, Maria De Los Dolores
Perez, Maria Del Carmen Mauricia Rios, Maria Del Carmen
Perez, Maria Elena Rios, Maria Dorotea Jacinta
Perez, Maria Encarnacion Rios, Maria Guadalupe
Perez, Maria Francisca Rios, Maria Josefa
Perez, Maria Gertrudis Rios, Maria Policarpio
Perez, Maria Guadalupe Rios, Maria Ramona
Perez, Maria Guadalupe Bartola Rios, Maria Rita
Perez, Maria Guadalupe Gregoria Rios, Maria Teresa Ambrocia
Perez, Maria Guadalupe Remigia Rios, Maria Teresa De Jesus Del Carmen
Perez, Maria Juana Rios, Maria Trinidad
Perez, Maria Juana Silveria Rios, Maria Ygnacia
Perez, Maria Manuela De Guadalupe Rios, Martin
Perez, Maria Rosalia Rios, Pedro Jose
Perez, Maria Teresa Rivera, Juan Baptista
Perez, Maria Teresa De Jesus Robles, Jose Rafael
Perez, Maria Tomasa Robles, Maria Teresa De Jesus
Perez, Maria Trinidad Robles, Tomas Antonio
Perez, Maria Ygnacia Rodriguez Montemayor, Juan Baptista
Perez, Maria Ygnacia Manuela Rodriguez Montemayor, Maria Cayetana
Perez, Maria Ygnes Rodriguez Montemayor, Maria Guadalupe
Perez, Patricio De Los Dolores Rodriguez Montemayor, Vicente Ferros
Perez, Pedro Rodriguez, Bartolome
Perez, Pedro Jose Rodriguez, Felipe De Jesus Neri
Perez, Rafael Rodriguez, Jose Agapito
Ponce, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Jose Antonio
Quintanilla, Jose Antonio Ynes Rodriguez, Jose Cipriano
Quintanilla, Jose Felis Rodriguez, Jose Ciriaco
Quintanilla, Maria De Jesus Rodriguez, Jose Crescenio
Quintanilla, Maria Josefa Rodriguez, Jose De Jesus
Quintanilla, Maria Teodora Trinidad Rodriguez, Jose Del Refugio
Quintanilla, Polinario Rodriguez, Jose Del Rosario
Ramires, Eduardo Rodriguez, Jose Elias
Ramires, Geraldo Abad Rodriguez, Jose Francisco
Ramires, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Jose Geronimo
Ramires, Jose Leocadio Rodriguez, Jose Guadalupe
Ramires, Jose Martin Rodriguez, Jose Julian
Ramires, Jose Ramon Rodriguez, Jose Lucas Del Refugio
Ramires, Jose Simon Rodriguez, Jose Maria
Ramires, Jose Ygnacio Rodriguez, Jose Maria Segundo
Ramires, Julian Rodriguez, Jose Nicolas
Ramires, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Jose Pantaleon
Ramires, Maria De La Luz Rodriguez, Jose Primo Feliciano
Ramires, Maria Francisca Trinidad Bonfas Rodriguez, Jose Santiago
Ramires, Maria Gergoria Rodriguez, Jose Teodoro
Ramires, Maria Geronima Rodriguez, Jose Timoteo
Ramires, Maria Gertrudis Rodriguez, Jose Tomas
Ramires, Maria Juana Rodriguez, Juan Jose
Ramires, Maria Paula Rodriguez, Juan Jose De La Merced
Ramires, Maria Soledad Rodriguez, Juana Josefa
Ramires, Maria Trinidad Rodriguez, Juana Maria De Los Ynocentes
Ramires, Ysabel Rodriguez, Manuel
Ramon De La Pena, Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez, Maria Antonia
Ramon, Maria De Los Angeles Rodriguez, Maria Carmen
Ramon, Maria Gertrudis Rodriguez, Maria De Los Dolores
Ramos, Enrique Rodriguez, Maria Del Carmen
Ramos, Jose Adriano Rodriguez, Maria Del Carmen Andrea
Ramos, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Maria Del Refugio
Ramos, Jose Gregorio Rodriguez, Maria Del Rosario
Ramos, Jose Maria Rodriguez, Maria Francisca
Ramos, Jose Miguel Rodriguez, Maria Guadalupe
Ramos, Juan Rodriguez, Maria Guadalupe Bernaba
Ramos, Juan Antonio Rodriguez, Maria Josefa
Ramos, Pedro Jose Rodriguez, Maria Juliana
Rangel, Jose Eugenio Rodriguez, Maria Justa
Rangel, Jose Maria Rodriguez, Maria Leocadia De Jesus
Rangel, Jose Matias Rodriguez, Maria Manuela
Rangel, Jose Trinidad Rodriguez, Maria Marta De Jesus
Rangel, Maria Barbara Rodriguez, Maria Micaela
Rangel, Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez, Maria Teodocia
Rangel, Maria Gertrudis Rodriguez, Maria Trinidad
Rendon, Francisco Estevan Rodriguez, Narcisa
Rendon, Francisco Tomas Rodriguez, Pedro Jose
Rendon, Jose Anastacio Rojas, Jose Manuel
Rendon, Jose Antonio Rosillo, Maria Rafaela
Rendon, Jose Antonio Ancelmo Ruiz De Ocon, Jose Antonio
Rendon, Jose De Los Ynocentes Ruiz De Ocon, Maria Francisca
Rendon, Jose Fabian Ruiz, Jose Antonio
Rendon, Jose Macedomo Ruiz, Jose De La Merced
Rendon, Jose Matias Polinario Ruiz, Jose Francisco
Rendon, Jose Paulo Ruiz, Jose Guadalupe
Rendon, Jose Ramon Ruiz, Maria Dominga
Rendon, Jose Seferino Ruiz, Maria Encarnacion
Rendon, Jose Tomas Ruiz, Maria Eulalia
Rendon, Jose Ygnacio Ruiz, Maria Juliana Norberta
Rendon, Juan Antonio Ruiz, Maria Luisa
Rendon, Maria Antonia Sabala, Juan Baptista
Rendon, Maria De Jesus Sada, Guadalupe Nemecio Fermin Hilario
Rendon, Maria Dorotea Sada, Trinidad Bonifacio De Los Dolores
Rendon, Maria Francisca Sais, Jose Francisco

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 1: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1806-1815, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 1998, 193 pages.