Volume 1 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 1,869 baptism records for the period 1806 thru 1815. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related surnames search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism surnames, first names found in this ancestry book.

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Baptism Surnames: Gonzalez - Leal
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Gonzalez, Juan Jose Anastacio Hernandez, Jose Nasario
Gonzalez, Juan Maria Hernandez, Jose Nicolas
Gonzalez, Juana Francisca Hernandez, Jose Senon
Gonzalez, Juana Maria Hernandez, Jose Ygnacio
Gonzalez, Maria Angela De La Concepcion Hernandez, Juan
Gonzalez, Maria Antonia Hernandez, Juana Maria
Gonzalez, Maria Antonia Andrea Hernandez, Maria Concepcion Anastacia
Gonzalez, Maria Antonia Del Socorro Hernandez, Maria Dolores
Gonzalez, Maria Augustina Hernandez, Maria Gertrudis
Gonzalez, Maria Barbara Hernandez, Maria Guadalupe
Gonzalez, Maria Benita Hernandez, Maria Josefa
Gonzalez, Maria Blasa Hernandez, Maria Petra
Gonzalez, Maria Catarina Jazo, Maria Concepcion
Gonzalez, Maria Cayetana Jazo, Maria Gertrudis
Gonzalez, Maria Concepcion Micaela Landa, Maria Juana Felipa
Gonzalez, Maria Cornelia De Los Dolores Lara, Juan Jose
Gonzalez, Maria De Jesus Lazo, Jose Gregorio
Gonzalez, Maria De Jesus Marcelina Lazo, Jose Luis
Gonzalez, Maria De La Cruz Lazo, Jose Marcelino Ramon
Gonzalez, Maria De La Luz Lazo, Jose Miguel
Gonzalez, Maria De La Merced Lazo, Jose Ygnacio
Gonzalez, Maria De Los Dolores Lazo, Maria Micaela De La Trinidad
Gonzalez, Maria De Los Nieves Lazo, Pedro
Gonzalez, Maria Del Carmen Lazo, Pedro Jose
Gonzalez, Maria Del Carmen Ysidora Leal Cantu, Jose Christino
Gonzalez, Maria Del Refugio Leal De Leon, Jose Avito Omobono
Gonzalez, Maria Del Rosario Leal De Leon, Maria Juana Rojas
Gonzalez, Maria Del Rosario Tomasa Leal De Leon, Maria Ramona
Gonzalez, Maria Feliciana Leal De Leon, Pedro Jose Regalado
Gonzalez, Maria Felipa Leal Rendon, Maria Trinidad
Gonzalez, Maria Francisca Leal, Anastacio
Gonzalez, Maria Geronima De Jesus Leal, Antonio Aniceto
Gonzalez, Maria Gertrudis Leal, Cayetana
Gonzalez, Maria Gertrudis Agapita Leal, Damacio
Gonzalez, Maria Gertrudis Jacinta Leal, Francisco
Gonzalez, Maria Guadalupe Leal, Francisco Antonio
Gonzalez, Maria Josefa Leal, Francisco Vicente Apolonio
Gonzalez, Maria Josefa Bartola Leal, Jose Agapito
Gonzalez, Maria Josefa De Los Santos Leal, Jose Alvino
Gonzalez, Maria Juana Leal, Jose Andres
Gonzalez, Maria Luisa Leal, Jose Andres De Jesus
Gonzalez, Maria Luisa De Jesus Leal, Jose Angel
Gonzalez, Maria Matiana Leal, Jose Antonio
Gonzalez, Maria Paula Leal, Jose Antonio Del Carmen
Gonzalez, Maria Petra Leal, Jose Antonio Eulogio
Gonzalez, Maria Petra Geralda Leal, Jose Antonio Florencio
Gonzalez, Maria Tecla De Los Dolores Leal, Jose Antonio Romualdo
Gonzalez, Maria Teodora Leal, Jose Bernabe
Gonzalez, Maria Teresa Leal, Jose Clemente
Gonzalez, Maria Teresa Del Refugio Leal, Jose De Jesus
Gonzalez, Maria Trinidad Leal, Jose De Jesus Rudesindo
Gonzalez, Maria Trinidad Andrea Leal, Jose Espiridion
Gonzalez, Maria Trinidad Leocadia Leal, Jose Felipe Santiago
Gonzalez, Maria Ygnacia Leal, Jose Francisco
Gonzalez, Norberto Leal, Jose Julian
Gonzalez, Pantaleon Leal, Jose Julio
Gonzalez, Pedro Jose Leal, Jose Lorenzo
Gonzalez, Pedro Jose Zacarias Leal, Jose Lucas
Gonzalez, Pedro Parcacio Leal, Jose Luisano
Gonzalez, Rafael Leal, Jose Manuel
Guadiana, Jose Manuel Leal, Jose Manuel Decidero
Guadiana, Jose Miguel Leal, Jose Martin Pablo
Guadiana, Maria Juana Leal, Jose Nicolas De Jesus
Guerra, Jose Agabo Leal, Jose Pablo
Guerra, Jose Albino Leal, Jose Rafael
Guerra, Jose Antonio Leal, Jose Salvador Torbio
Guerra, Jose Decidero Leal, Jose Secundo
Guerra, Jose Dimas Atanacio Leal, Jose Silverio
Guerra, Jose Doroteo Leal, Jose Tomas
Guerra, Jose Eucebio Leal, Jose Trinidad
Guerra, Juan Antonio Leal, Jose Valentin
Guerra, Juan Jose Leal, Jose Ygnacio
Guerra, Juana Gertrudis Leal, Jose Ysidoro Cecilio
Guerra, Juana Maria Leal, Josefa Francisca
Guerra, Maria Antonia Leal, Juan
Guerra, Maria Antonia De La Cruz Leal, Juan Baptista
Guerra, Maria Concepcion Leal, Juan Estevan
Guerra, Maria Elena Leal, Juan Nepomuceno
Guerra, Maria Francisca Leal, Juana Gertrudis
Guerra, Maria Gertrudis Aniceto Leal, Juana Josefa
Guerra, Maria Guadalupe Leal, Juana Maria
Guerra, Maria Josefa Leal, Lazaro De Jesus
Guerra, Maria Rosalia Leal, Lorenzo
Guerra, Maria Sostenes De Jesus Leal, Maria Adriana
Guerra, Rosalia Leal, Maria Adriana Decideria
Guerrero, Blas Maria Leal, Maria Antonia
Guerrero, Jose Tomas Leal, Maria Catarina
Guerrero, Jose Trinidad Leal, Maria Cayatana
Guerrero, Juan Jose Leal, Maria De Los Dolores
Guerrero, Juana Leal, Maria Del Pilar
Guerrero, Maria Del Rosario Leal, Maria Del Refugio
Guerrero, Maria Gertrudis Leal, Maria Del Refugio Casimira
Guerrero, Maria Hermenegilda Leal, Maria Del Refugio Damiana
Guerrero, Maria Josefa Leal, Maria Del Refugio Trinidad
Guerrero, Maria Juana Leal, Maria Elena
Guerrero, Maria Rosalia Leal, Maria Felipa
Guerrero, Vicente Leal, Maria Florencia
Guitron, Jose Encarnacion Leal, Maria Francisca
Gusman, Jose Andres Leal, Maria Guadalupe
Gusman, Jose Antonio Leal, Maria Juana
Gusman, Maria Celedonia Tomasa Leal, Maria Juana Ramona
Gusman, Maria Justa Rufina Leal, Maria Juliana De Jesus
Gusman, Maria Rita Leal, Maria Lorenza
Gutierres, Agustina De La Trinidad Leal, Maria Luisa
Gutierres, Jose Antonio Ramon Leal, Maria Manuela
Gutierres, Jose Pablo Leal, Maria Marta
Gutierres, Jose Trinidad Leal, Maria Monica
Gutierres, Juana Josefa Leal, Maria Paula
Gutierres, Maria Gertrudis Leal, Maria Petra
Hernandez, Christobal Antonio Leal, Maria Ramona
Hernandez, Jose Angel Leal, Maria Rita Alvina
Hernandez, Jose Antonio Atancio Leal, Maria Rosalia
Hernandez, Jose De Jesus Leal, Maria Saturnina Del Carmen
Hernandez, Jose Del Refugio Leal, Maria Susana Del Carmen
Hernandez, Jose Doroteo Leal, Maria Teresa De Jesus
Hernandez, Jose Felipe De Santiago Leal, Maria Ygnacia
Hernandez, Jose Marcos Leal, Maria Ysabel Serilda

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 1: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1806-1815, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 1998, 193 pages.