Volume 1 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 1,869 baptism records for the period 1806 thru 1815. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related surnames search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism surnames, first names found in this ancestry book.

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Baptism Surnames: Leal - Perez
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Leal, Narciso Moreno, Juan Jose
Leal, Pedro Jose Moreno, Juana
Lerma, Jose Hilario Moreno, Juana Ygnacia
Lerma, Jose Tiburcio Moreno, Maria Rosalia
Lerma, Maria De La Ascencion Moreno, Maria Trinidad
Lerma, Maria Del Carmen Moya, Maria Antonia
Lerma, Maria Del Rosario Muguerza, Jose Antonio Trinidad
Lerma, Maria Juana Muguerza, Maria Rosalia Anacleta Trinidad
Lerma, Martin Muguerza, Maria Tomasa Vicenta
Lerma, Pedro Antonio Muguirsa, Andres De Jesus
Lopez, Jose Francisco Noriega, Jose Alejo Mariano
Lopez, Jose Lorenzo Noriega, Jose Atanacio
Lopez, Jose Manuel Noriega, Jose Rafael
Lopez, Jose Pio Noriega, Maria De Los Angeles
Lopez, Jose Ygnacio Not Given*, Anna Maria Yldefonsa
Lopez, Juan De Dios Not Given*, Jose Antonio
Lopez, Juan Nepomuceno Not Given*, Jose De Jesus
Lopez, Manuel Not Given*, Jose Maria De La Encarnacion
Lopez, Maria Gertrudis Not Given*, Jose Nemecio
Lopez, Maria Josefa Not Given*, Jose Ylario
Lopez, Maria Susana Not Given*, Maria Antonia Joaquin
Loya, Jose Simon Not Given*, Maria Juana
Loya, Maria Rufina Not Given*, Nicolas
Lozano, Jose Antonio Not Given*, Pablo Jose
Lozano, Jose Antonio Guillermo Nunes, Jose Antonio De Jesus
Lozano, Jose Francisco Antonio Cristin Nunes, Maria Del Refugio
Lozano, Jose Ygnacio Antonio Nunes, Maria Luysa
Lozano, Maria Antonia Dario Nunes, Maria Tomasa De Jesus
Lozano, Maria Del Carmen Apolonia Nunes, Martin De Jesus
Lozano, Maria Del Rosario De La Trinidad Ochoa, Jose Antonio
Lozano, Maria Guadalupe Celedonia Ochoa, Jose Cosme
Lozano, Maria Manuela Ochoa, Jose De Jesus
Macias, Juan Antonio Ochoa, Juana Maria
Marichalar, Jose Francisco Javier Urbano Ochoa, Maria Del Carmen
Marichalar, Maria Manuela Vitoria Ochoa, Maria Dorotea
Marichalar, Maria Victoria Francisca Gertrudis Ochoa, Maria Francisca
Marroguin, Eduvige Ochoa, Mariano
Marroguin, Jose De Jesus Ochoa, Nicolas Jacinto
Marroguin, Jose Viviano Ocuna, Maria Guadalupe Decideria
Marroguin, Juan Olanda, Maria Alvina
Marroguin, Maria Felipa Olivares, Agapito
Marroguin, Maria Francisca Olivares, Jose Vicente
Martinez, Jose Rafael Olivares, Maria Josefa
Martinez, Jose Salome Olivares, Maria Ysabel
Martinez, Jose Trinidad Orias, Jose Antonio
Martinez, Juan Antonio Orias, Maria Encarnacion
Martinez, Maria Francisca Ortis, Jose Antonio
Martinez, Maria Guadalupe Ortis, Jose Cayetano
Martinez, Maria Josefa Ortis, Jose Encarnacion
Martinez, Maria Leocadia Ortis, Jose Leonardo
Martinez, Maria Manuela Ortis, Maria Clara Siriaca
Martinez, Maria Rita Osuma, Jose Valentin
Martinez, Marta Nasaria Osuna, Jose Bernardo
Masias, Maria Josefa Pacheco, Juana Josefa
Medina, Jose Antonio Martin Pacheco, Maria Benita
Medina, Jose Santiago Pacheco, Maria Dolores
Medina, Juana Maria Antonia Palacios, Jose Antonio Felis
Medina, Maria Antonia Palacios, Jose Brigido
Medina, Maria Gertrudis Palacios, Jose Christobal
Medina, Maria Juana Palacios, Jose Luis
Medina, Ygnacio Agustin Palacios, Juan Baptista
Melendez, Anastacio Palacios, Maria Gertrudis
Melendez, Jose Victoriano Palacios, Pedro Jose
Melendez, Maria Encarnacion Pena, Jose Agapito
Melendez, Maria Eufemia Pena, Jose Alenogenes
Melendez, Maria Ramona Pena, Jose Benito
Melendez, Nepomuceno Pena, Jose Carlos
Melendez, Vicente Pena, Jose Clemente
Melendrez, Maria De Los Dolores Pena, Jose De Jesus
Mena, Maria Del Rosario De Los Angeles Pena, Jose Dionicio
Mendez, Jose Ygnacio Pena, Jose Eugenio
Mendez, Maria Concepcion Pena, Jose Luis
Mendez, Maria Josefa De Jesus Pena, Jose Miguel Secundino
Mendez, Maria Leonarda Pena, Jose Nepomuceno
Mendiola, Jose Antonio Ramon Pena, Jose Ramon
Mendoza, Jose Antonio Pena, Jose Trinidad
Mermel, Jose Gabriel Pena, Jose Vicente
Molina, Jose Antonio Pena, Jose Ygnacio
Molina, Maria Antonia Tamislao Pena, Jose Ygnacio Anastacio
Molina, Maria Rosalia Pena, Jose Ygnacio De La Merced
Molina, Maria Susana De Jesus Pena, Jose Ysidro
Montalvo, Francisca Pena, Juan Baptista
Montalvo, Jose Antonio Pena, Juan De Dios
Montalvo, Jose Casimiro Pena, Juan Jose
Montalvo, Jose Nicolas Pena, Juana Josefa
Montalvo, Juana Hilaria Pena, Maria Antonia
Montalvo, Juana Josefa Pena, Maria Blasa
Montalvo, Maria Antonia Pena, Maria Concepcion De Los Santos
Montalvo, Maria Antonia De La Trinidad Pena, Maria De La Merced
Montalvo, Maria De Los Dolores Pena, Maria De Los Dolores Cenona
Montalvo, Maria Del Carmen Pena, Maria Del Carmen Dionicia
Montalvo, Maria Del Refugio Estefana Pena, Maria Gertrudis
Montalvo, Maria Gertrudis Pena, Maria Gertrudis Florencia
Montalvo, Maria Guadalupe Pena, Maria Gertrudis Teodocia
Montalvo, Maria Guadalupe Patricia Pena, Maria Juana
Montalvo, Maria Josefa Pena, Maria Petra
Montalvo, Maria Petra Pena, Maria Petra De Jesus
Montalvo, Maria Petra De La Merced Pena, Maria Rita
Montalvo, Maria Rita Pena, Maria Rosalia
Montalvo, Maria Teodora Pena, Maria Tomasa Casimira
Montalvo, Maria Trinidad Pena, Maria Ysabel
Montalvo, Maria Trinidad De La Cruz Pena, Pedro Jose
Montemayor, Jose Antonio Perez De Leon, Maria Geronima
Montemayor, Jose Enemecio Perez Gonzalez, Jose Maria Prudencio
Montemayor, Jose Ramon Perez Gonzalez, Jose Teodoro
Montemayor, Juan Francisco Perez Gonzalez, Jose Vicente
Montemayor, Juana Perez Gonzalez, Maria Trinidad
Montemayor, Maria Gertrudis Perez Rey, Maria Trinidad Espiridiona
Montemayor, Maria Guadalupe Perez, Antonio
Morales, Jose De La Luz Perez, Bernabe
Morales, Jose Francisco Perez, Dorotea
Morales, Maria Francisca Perez, Feliciana
Moreno, Francisco Antonio Perez, Francisco
Moreno, Jose Antonio Perez, Francisco Estevan
Moreno, Jose Cosme Damian Perez, Jose De Los Santos
Moreno, Jose Felipe Perez, Jose Fernando
Moreno, Jose Guadalupe Perez, Jose Francisco

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 1: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1806-1815, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 1998, 193 pages.