Volume 2 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 2,866 baptism records for the period 1816 thru 1825. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related family history maternal surname search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism Mothers' surname and first name found in this ancestry book.

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Baptism Maternal Surnames: Abrego - De La Garza
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Abrego, Manuela Cantu, Bacilia
Aguilar, Francisca Cantu, Francisca
Aguilar, Manuela Cantu, Josefa
Aguilar, Maria Adriana Cantu, Juana
Aguilar, Maria Antonia Cantu, Juana Catarina
Aguilar, Maria Brigida Cantu, Juana Maria
Aguilar, Maria Clemencia Cantu, Juliana
Aguilar, Maria Guadalupe Cantu, Maria
Aguilar, Maria Teresa Cantu, Maria Antonia
Aguilar, Maria Ygnes Cantu, Maria Candelaria
Aguilar, Maria Ysabel Cantu, Maria De Jesus
Aguirre, Maria Gertrudis Cantu, Maria De Los Dolores
Aguirre, Maria Josefa Cantu, Maria Del Carmen
Aguirre, Maria Nicolasa Cantu, Maria Del Refugio
Aguirre, Maria Petra Cantu, Maria Dolores
Alanis, Juana Cantu, Maria Francisca
Alanis, Maria Antonia Cantu, Maria Gertrudis
Alanis, Maria Dolores Cantu, Maria Guadalupe
Alanis, Maria Gertrudis Cantu, Maria Guadalupe
Alanis, Maria Juana Cantu, Maria Josefa
Alanis, Maria Quiteria Cantu, Maria Juana
Alanis, Maria Sostenes Cantu, Maria Juliana
Alcorta, Maria Lucia Cantu, Maria Margarita
Almares, Maria Ygnacia Cantu, Maria Paula
Almendrades, Maria Felipa Cantu, Maria Regina
Alonzo, Maria Lina Cantu, Maria Rosalia
Alvarado, Maria Catalina Cantu, Maria Teodora
Alvarado, Maria Catarina Cantu, Maria Teresa
Alvarado, Maria Gregoria Cantu, Maria Ygnacia
Alvares, Maria Cantu, Mariana
Alvares, Maria Gertrudis Cantu, Martina
Alvares, Maria Paula Cantu, Paula
Alvares, Maria Petra Cantu, Rafaela
Amaya, Maria Josefa Cardenas, Maria Josefa
Ambres, Maria Cayetana Cardenas, Maria Tiburcia
Arbon, Maria Angela Cardenes, Maria Josefa
Arebalo, Maria Cardenes, Maria Tiburcia
Arebalo, Maria Brigida Cardona, Juliana
Arellano, Maria Francisca Cardona, Maria Juliana
Arellano, Maria Lorenia Carmona, Maria De Los Angeles
Arellano, Maria Lorenza Casares, Juliana
Arellano, Maria Petra Casares, Maria Cecilia
Arenas, Juana Maria Casares, Maria Josefa
Arenas, Maria Guadalupe Casas, Maria Gertrudis
Ares, Maria Gertrudis Casas, Maria Remigia
Arispe, Anna Maria Castaneda, Maria Bibiana
Arralde, Mariana Castaneda, Maria Viviana
Arrambide, Maria Antonia Castillo, Maria Dionicia
Arredondo, Gertrudis Castillo, Maria Petra
Arredondo, Maria Castillo, Maria Ramona
Arredondo, Maria Dolores Castro, Juana Maria
Arredondo, Maria Felipa Cavasos, Gertrudis
Arredondo, Maria Gertrudis Cavasos, Juana Maria
Arredondo, Maria Josefa Cavasos, Margarita
Arredondo, Maria Matilde Cavasos, Maria Antonia
Arredondo, Maria Ygnacia Cavasos, Maria Del Refugio
Arriola, Maria Victoriana Cavasos, Maria Gertrudis
Ayala, Maria Remigia Cavasos, Maria Mariana
Baldubino, Maria Anna Cavasos, Maria Rafaela
Ballejo, Maria Paula Cavasos, Maria Rosalia
Baraja, Maria Eulogia Cervantes, Maria Nicolasa
Barbosa, Maria Teresa Chapa, Guadalupe
Barrera, Dolores Chapa, Maria De La Carmen
Barrera, Maria Candelaria Chapa, Maria De Los Angeles
Barrera, Maria Rita Chapa, Maria Del Carmen
Barrera, Maria Teresa Chapa, Maria Guadalupe
Barrera, Maria Trinidad Chapa, Maria Rosalia
Barrera, Maria Victoriana Chavarria, Maria Antonia
Barrera, Maria Zapopan Chavarria, Maria Ciriaca
Barrera, Teresa Chavarria, Maria Teresa
Barrientos, Maria Chaves, Maria Josefa
Barrientos, Maria Patricia Chaves, Maria Petra
Barron, Maria Germana Chica, Maria Del Carmen
Barron, Maria Petra Cisneros, Maria Del Juan
Barron, Maria Zapopa Cisneros, Maria Felipa De San Juan
Belostre, Manuela Cisneros, Maria Gregoria
Belostre, Maria Guadalupe Cisneros, Maria Josefa
Beltran, Maria Cirildo Cisneros, Maria Juana
Benavides, Barbara Cisneros, Maria Petra
Benavides, Maria Cisneros, Maria San Juan
Benavides, Maria Josefa Conde, Maria Dolores
Benavides, Maria Rita Conde, Maria Rita
Benavides, Maria Viviana Corral, Maria Guadalupe
Benavides, Rosalia Corral, Maria Josefa
Benavides, Viviana Cortes, Maria Antonia
Bernal, Feliciana Cortes, Maria Cecilia
Bernal, Maria Feliciana Cortes, Maria De Jesus
Borrego, Maria Rafaela Cortes, Maria Decidora
Bosque, Maria Trinidad Cortes, Maria Del Carmen
Botello, Agustina Cortes, Maria Francisca
Botello, Guadalupe Cortes, Maria Juana
Buentello, Francisca Dabila, Maria Faustina
Burgos, Maria Agustina Dabila, Maria Francisca
Burgos, Maria Faustina Dabila, Maria Gertrudis
Caballero, Maria Gertrudis Dabila, Maria Maxima
Cabrera, Maria Del Carmen Dabila, Maria Paula
Cabrera, Maria Gertrudis De La Cruz, Anna Maria
Cabrera, Maria Josefa De La Cruz, Dorotea
Cadena, Maria Blasa De La Cruz, Maria
Campa, Maria Vicenta De La Cruz, Maria Cecilia
Campos De Leon, Maria Gertrudis De La Cruz, Maria Del Carmen
Campos, Maria Antonia De La Cruz, Maria Gertrudis
Campos, Maria Del Rosario De La Cruz, Maria Josefa
Campos, Maria Francisca De La Cruz, Maria Petra
Campos, Maria Gertrudis De La Cruz, Maria Trinidad
Campos, Maria Gregoria De La Cruz, Maria Ylaria
Campos, Maria Ramona De La Cruz, Trinidad
Campos, Maria Ygnacia De La Cruz, Ysabel
Campos, Maria Ygnes De La Garza De Leon, Maria Antonia
Cano, Hermenegilda De La Garza Doria, Alvina
Cano, Hermenigilda De La Garza Falcon, Juana
Cano, Josefa De La Garza Falcon, Maria Encarnacion
Cano, Juana Maria De La Garza Falcon, Maria Sapopa
Cano, Maria De Marta De La Luz De La Garza Gonzalez, Maria Josefa
Cano, Maria Del Carmen De La Garza Moya, Maria
Cano, Maria Francisca De La Garza Moya, Maria Antonia
Cano, Maria Guadalupe De La Garza Moya, Maria Gertrudis
Cano, Maria Hermenegilda De La Garza Moya, Maria Sostenes
Cano, Maria Josefa De La Garza Quintanilla, Maria Antonia
Cantu, Anna Maria De La Garza Renteria, Gertrudis
Cantu, Antonia De La Garza Renteria, Maria Beatris

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 2: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1816-1825, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 2000, 289 pages.