Volume 2 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 2,866 baptism records for the period 1816 thru 1825. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related maternal surnames search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism Mothers' surname and first name found in this ancestry book.

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Baptism Maternal Surnames: Leal - Perez
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Leal, Maria Ygnacia Mora, Maria Magdalena
Leal, Maria Ygnes Morales, Magdalena
Leal, Maria Ysabel Morales, Maria
Leal, Mariana Morales, Maria Elena
Leal, Marta Morales, Maria Jacinta
Leal, Rosalia Morales, Maria Josefa
Leal, Teodoria Morales, Maria Magdalena
Leal, Ysabel Maria Morales, Maria Petra
Leos, Maria Juana Moreno, Maria Del Pilar
Lerma, Maria Del Carmen Moya, Juana
Lerma, Maria Petra Moya, Maria Candelaria
Lerma, Maria Ventura Moya, Maria Polinaria
Lerma, Maria Ysidra Munguia, Maria Gertrudis
Lerma, Ventura Munguia, Maria Josefa
Lerma, Ygnes Munos, Maria Cecilia
Licca, Maria Dolores Munos, Silveria
Licca, Maria Perfecta Nobella, Maria Juliana
Lizarda, Juana Maria Noriega, Juana
Llanes, Maria Josefa Noriega, Juana Maria
Locra, Maria Sostenes Noriega, Maria Gertrudis
Lopez, Manuela Noriega, Maria Josefa
Lopez, Maria Del Refugio Noriega, Maria Juana
Lopez, Maria Efigenia Nunes, Juana
Lopez, Maria Eulalia Nunes, Maria Clemencia
Lopez, Maria Gertrudis Nunes, Maria Del Pilar
Lopez, Maria Hermenegilda Nunes, Maria Gertrudis
Lopez, Maria Josefa Nunes, Maria Juana
Lopez, Maria Manuela Nunes, Maria Liberata
Lopez, Maria Micaela Ochoa, Maria Antonia
Lopez, Maria Nicolasa Ochoa, Maria Gertrudis
Lopez, Maria Ramona Ochoa, Maria Ygnacia
Lopez, Maria Ygnacia Olbeda, Maria Ysabel
Lopez, Maria Ysabel Olbera, Maria Felipa
Lopez, Ysabel Olivares Alvares, Maria Gertrudis
Loya, Maria Josefa Olivares, Maria Antonia
Lozano, Maria Del Rosario Olivares, Maria Gertrudis
Lozano, Maria Gertrudis Olivares, Maria Guadalupe
Lozano, Maria Guadalupe Olivares, Maria Magdalena
Lozano, Maria Trinidad Olivares, Maria Nicolasa
Lozano, Mariana Olivares, Maria Petra Susana
Lozano, Tomasa Olivares, Maria Teodora
Lozano, Trinidad Olivares, Maria Trinidad
Luna, Maria Bacilia Olivares, Petra Susana
Luna, Maria Benita Olivares, Teodora
Luna, Maria Manuela Ollerbides, Francisca
Madrigel, Maria Nieves Del Rosario Ollerbides, Maria Francisca
Maldonado, Feliciana Ollerbides, Maria Josefa
Maldonado, Maria Estanislao Ollerbides, Maria Rafaela
Maldonado, Maria Feliciana Ollerbides, Rafaela
Mares, Maria Pascuala Ortega, Maria Ysabel
Marroguin, Maria Juliana Ortis, Maria Andrea
Martinez, Candida Ortis, Maria Antonia
Martinez, Josefa Ortis, Maria Bartolome
Martinez, Juana Ortis, Maria De Jesus
Martinez, Juliana Ortis, Maria De La Cruz
Martinez, Maria Candida Ortis, Maria Josefa
Martinez, Maria Claudia Ortis, Maria Ygnacia
Martinez, Maria Dolores Osuma, Maria De Jesus
Martinez, Maria Francisca Osuma, Maria Del Refugio
Martinez, Maria Gregoria Padilla, Anastacia
Martinez, Maria Guadalupe Padilla, Juana
Martinez, Maria Josefa Padilla, Maria Gertrudis
Martinez, Maria Juana Padilla, Maria Juana
Martinez, Maria Juliana Padilla, Maria Liberata
Martinez, Maria Monica Padilla, Maria Monica
Martinez, Maria Nicolasa Palacios, Catarina
Martinez, Maria Teresa Palacios, Juana
Martinez, Monica Palacios, Maria Cayetana
Medina, Maria Palacios, Maria Del Refugio
Medina, Maria Andrea Palacios, Maria Juana
Medina, Maria Josefa Palacios, Maria Luisa
Medina, Maria Leonor Palacios, Maria Polonia
Medina, Maria Prudencia Palacios, Maria Regina
Medina, Tomasa Palacios, Maria Rufina
Melendez, Cesarea Palacios, Maria Ygnacia
Melendez, Maria Antonia Palacios, Maria Ygnes
Mena, Maria Ebarista Palacios, Polonia
Mena, Maria Evarista Pantofa, Maria Rosa
Mendez, Maria Ebarista Parra, Maria Petra
Mendez, Maria Josefa Pays, Maria Rita
Mendez, Maria Ysabel Pena, Antonia
Mendoza, Maria Baltarasa Pena, Dolores
Mendoza, Maria Baltazara Pena, Encarnacion
Mendoza, Maria Candelaria Pena, Eustagua Payme
Mendoza, Maria Gertrudis Pena, Juana
Molina, Guadalupe Pena, Lorenza
Molina, Maria Francisca Pena, Maria Agustina
Molina, Maria Guadalupe Pena, Maria Antonia
Molina, Maria Nasaria Pena, Maria Benita
Molina, Maria Petra Pena, Maria Chapita
Molina, Maria Tomasa Pena, Maria Decidora
Molina, Petra Pena, Maria Del Carmen
Montalvo, Benita Pena, Maria Encarnacion
Montalvo, Juliana Pena, Maria Eulalia
Montalvo, Maria Clara Pena, Maria Felipa
Montalvo, Maria Del Refugio Pena, Maria Gertrudis
Montalvo, Maria Dolores Pena, Maria Josefa
Montalvo, Maria Gertrudis Pena, Maria Juana Luisa
Montalvo, Maria Guadalupe Pena, Maria Leonor
Montalvo, Maria Josefa Pena, Maria Lorenza
Montalvo, Maria Juana Pena, Maria Luisa
Montalvo, Maria Juliana Pena, Maria Manuela
Montalvo, Maria Petra Pena, Maria Petra
Montalvo, Maria Rita Pena, Maria Rosalia
Montalvo, Maria Rosa Pena, Maria Salome
Montalvo, Maria Teodora Pena, Maria Ygnes
Montalvo, Maria Teresa Pena, Maria Ysabel
Montalvo, Maria Victoriana Pena, Rosa Maria
Montalvo, Maria Ygnacia Pena, Rosalia
Montalvo, Refugia Perez Gonzalez, Maria Del Rosario
Montalvo, Victoriana Perez Gonzalez, Maria Juana
Montemayor, Francisca Perez Rey, Maria Josefa
Montemayor, Juana Maria Perez, Anna
Montemayor, Maria Del Refugio Perez, Anna Maria
Montemayor, Maria Gertrudis Perez, Jesus
Montemayor, Maria Juana Perez, Juana
Montemayor, Maria Ygnacia Perez, Margarita
Montero, Maria Elogia Perez, Maria Andrea
Montes, Maria De Los Dolores Perez, Maria Antonia
Montes, Maria Eulogisa Perez, Maria Balbina
Mora, Maria De Jesus Perez, Maria Bernabe

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 2: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1816-1825, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 2000, 289 pages.