Volume 2 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 2,866 baptism records for the period 1816 thru 1825. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related Hispanic maternal surnames search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism Mothers' surname and first name found in this ancestry book.

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Baptism Maternal Surnames: Perez - Salinas
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Perez, Maria Candelaria Rios, Maria Gertrudis
Perez, Maria Clara Rios, Maria Guadalupe
Perez, Maria Clemencia Rios, Maria Josefa
Perez, Maria Concepcion Rios, Maria Nasaria
Perez, Maria De Jesus Rios, Maria Rita
Perez, Maria Del Refugio Rios, Maria Rosalia
Perez, Maria Del Rosario Rios, Maria Salome
Perez, Maria Dolores Rios, Maria Trinidad
Perez, Maria Dorotea Rios, Maria Ygnacia
Perez, Maria Francisca Robledo, Maria Concepcion
Perez, Maria Gertrudis Rodriguez De La Garza, Maria Salome
Perez, Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez Montemayor, Francisca
Perez, Maria Hermenegilda Rodriguez Montemayor, Manuela
Perez, Maria Hermenigilda Rodriguez Montemayor, Maria Del Rosario
Perez, Maria Josefa Rodriguez Montemayor, Maria Geronima
Perez, Maria Juana Rodriguez Montemayor, Maria Josefa
Perez, Maria Juliana Rodriguez Montemayor, Maria Juana
Perez, Maria Leocadia Rodriguez Olivares, Maria Trinidad De Los Santos
Perez, Maria Manuela Rodriguez, Cayetana
Perez, Maria Paula Rodriguez, Encarnacion
Perez, Maria Policarpia Rodriguez, Faustina
Perez, Maria Polinaria Rodriguez, Francisca
Perez, Maria Rita Rodriguez, Gregoria
Perez, Maria Teresa Rodriguez, Juana Maria
Perez, Maria Trinidad Rodriguez, Juliana
Perez, Polinaria Rodriguez, Maria
Perez, Remegia Rodriguez, Maria Antonia
Perez, Rosalia Rodriguez, Maria Blasa
Perez, Ysabel Rodriguez, Maria Concepcion
Pompa, Maria Ygnacia Rodriguez, Maria De Jesus
Ponce, Gertrudis Rodriguez, Maria De La Merced
Ponce, Maria Concepcion Rodriguez, Maria De Los Dolores
Ponce, Maria Encarnacion Rodriguez, Maria Del Carmen
Ponce, Maria Juana Rodriguez, Maria Del Refugio
Ponce, Maria Juliana Rodriguez, Maria Del Rosario
Poncio, Juliana Rodriguez, Maria Dolores
Pruneda, Catarina Rodriguez, Maria Eduarda
Pruneda, Claudia Rodriguez, Maria Francisca
Pruneda, Maria Candida Rodriguez, Maria Geronima
Pruneda, Maria Catarina Rodriguez, Maria Gertrudis
Pruneda, Maria Claudia Rodriguez, Maria Gregoria
Pruneda, Maria Juliana Rodriguez, Maria Josefa
Quinones, Clara Maria Rodriguez, Maria Juana
Quintanilla, Catalina Rodriguez, Maria Juliana
Quintanilla, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Maria Lucia
Quintanilla, Juana Rodriguez, Maria Luisa
Quintanilla, Maria Catalina Rodriguez, Maria Manuela
Quintanilla, Maria De Jesus Rodriguez, Maria Nasaria
Quintanilla, Maria Gertrudis Rodriguez, Maria Nicolasa
Quintanilla, Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez, Maria Petra
Quintanilla, Maria Luisana Rodriguez, Maria Rita
Quintanilla, Maria Ygnes Rodriguez, Maria Rosalia
Ramires, Agustina Rodriguez, Maria Salome
Ramires, Caciana Rodriguez, Maria Teresa
Ramires, Gertrudis Rodriguez, Maria Urbana
Ramires, Maria Agustina Rodriguez, Rosalia
Ramires, Maria Antonia Rodriguez, Salome
Ramires, Maria Bacilia Rodriguez, Ursula
Ramires, Maria Ciriaca Rojas, Maria Estefana
Ramires, Maria Ciriaca De Jesus Rojas, Maria Ygnacia
Ramires, Maria Clemencia Rojas, Maria Ygnes
Ramires, Maria De La Merced Romano, Francisca
Ramires, Maria Del Carmen Rosales, Alejandro
Ramires, Maria Gertrudis Rosales, Mariana
Ramires, Maria Josefa Ruiz De Ocon, Maria Encarnacion
Ramires, Maria Leocadia Ruiz De Ocon, Maria Leona
Ramires, Maria Leocadio Ruiz De Ocon, Maria Leonor
Ramires, Maria Pabla Ruiz De Ocon, Maria Ruperta
Ramires, Maria Panfila Ruiz De Ocon, Ramona
Ramires, Maria Paula Ruiz, Anna Maria
Ramires, Maria Rafaela Ruiz, Asension
Ramires, Maria Silveria Ruiz, Maria Concepcion
Ramires, Maria Teresa Ruiz, Maria De La Acencion
Ramires, Rosa Ruiz, Maria De La Acension
Ramon De La Pena, Josefa Ruiz, Maria De La Asencion
Ramon De La Pena, Maria Josefa Ruiz, Maria De Los Acencion
Ramon, Juana Maria Ruiz, Maria Leonor
Ramon, Maria De Jesus Ruiz, Maria Paula
Ramon, Paula Ruiz, Maria Ruperta
Ramos, Maria Sada, Maria Del Refugio
Ramos, Maria Cayetana Sada, Maria Gertrudis
Ramos, Maria Francisca Sada, Maria Josefa
Ramos, Maria Josefa Salas, Maria Dionicia Ventura
Ramos, Maria Prudencia Salas, Maria Paula
Ramos, Nicolasa Salays, Josefa
Rangel, Maria Antonia Salays, Maria Agustina
Rangel, Maria Guadalupe Salays, Maria Josefa
Rendon, Maria Alejandra Salazar, Francisca
Rendon, Maria Antonia Salazar, Juana
Rendon, Maria Clemente Salazar, Maria Blasa
Rendon, Maria Concepcion Salazar, Maria Blaza
Rendon, Maria Del Refugio Salazar, Maria Dolores
Rendon, Maria Euduviges Salazar, Maria Eulogia
Rendon, Maria Francisca Salazar, Maria Gertrudis
Rendon, Maria Gertrudis Salazar, Maria Guadalupe
Rendon, Maria Guadalupe Salazar, Maria Josefa
Rendon, Maria Guillerma Salazar, Maria Juana
Rendon, Maria Josefa Salazar, Maria Juliana
Rendon, Maria Juliana Salazar, Maria Lucia
Rendon, Maria Nicolasa Salazar, Maria Miliana
Rendon, Maria Simona Salazar, Maria Rita
Rendon, Maria Soledad Salazar, Maria Ygnes
Rendon, Maria Sotela Salazar, Maria Ysabel
Rendon, Maria Ygnes Salazar, Paula
Rendon, Nicolasa Saldana, Maria Gertrudis
Reta, Francisca Saldivar, Agueda
Reyes Ynofonso, Maria Saldivar, Anastacia
Reyes, Guadalupe Saldivar, Maria Gertrudis
Reyes, Maria Salinas, Juana
Reyes, Maria Eufemia Salinas, Juana Maria
Reyes, Maria Francisca Salinas, Maria
Reyes, Maria Gertrudis Salinas, Maria Damiana
Reyes, Miliana Salinas, Maria Del Carmen
Reyna, Maria Segunda Salinas, Maria Del Rosario
Rios, Maria Salinas, Maria Gertrudis
Rios, Maria Aguida Salinas, Maria Guadalupe
Rios, Maria Antonia Salinas, Maria Lorenza
Rios, Maria Blasa Salinas, Maria Matiana
Rios, Maria Cecilia Salinas, Maria Nicolasa
Rios, Maria De La Luz Salinas, Maria Tomasa
Rios, Maria Fermena Salinas, Maria Ygnacia

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 2: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1816-1825, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 2000, 289 pages.