Volume 2 of the genealogy book; 'Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez' contains 2,866 baptism records for the period 1816 thru 1825. Most baptism records include the baptism date, race, age in days, child's surname, first name, parents' surnames, first names, town of origin, grandparents' surnames, first names and padrinos' surnames, first names. Below and on the related Hispanic maternal surnames search pages, you will find a complete listing of the baptism Mothers' surname and first name found in this ancestry book.

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Baptism Maternal Surnames: Salinas - Zuniga
Surname, First Name Surname, First Name
Salinas, Teresa Torres, Paula
San Miguel, Decideria Trejo, Maria Gertrudis
San Miguel, Maria Catarina Trevino, Anna Maria
San Miguel, Maria Guadalupe Trevino, Bonifacia
San Miguel, Maria Teresa Trevino, Gertrudis
San Miguel, Maria Ysidora Trevino, Josefa
Sanches De La Chica, Maria Paula Trevino, Juana
Sanchez, Catarina Trevino, Maria Antonia
Sanchez, Concepcion Trevino, Maria Apolinaria
Sanchez, Maria Antonia Trevino, Maria Candelaria
Sanchez, Maria Catarina Trevino, Maria Concepcion
Sanchez, Maria Cipriana Trevino, Maria De La Merced
Sanchez, Maria Concepcion Trevino, Maria De Merced
Sanchez, Maria De Jesus Trevino, Maria Del Carmen
Sanchez, Maria Del Refugio Trevino, Maria Del Refugio
Sanchez, Maria Estefana Trevino, Maria Francisca
Sanchez, Maria Gertrudis Trevino, Maria Gertrudis
Sanchez, Maria Josefa Trevino, Maria Guadalupe
Sanchez, Maria Micaela Trevino, Maria Josefa
Sanchez, Maria Remigia Trevino, Maria Leonor
Sanchez, Maria Rita Trevino, Maria Paula
Sanchez, Maria Teodora Trevino, Maria Petra
Sanchez, Maria Ysabel Trevino, Maria Refugia
Sanchez, Refugio Trevino, Maria Rosa
Sandera, Maria Josefa Trevino, Maria Rosalia
Santa Maria, Maria De Jesus Trevino, Maria Ruperta
Santa Maria, Maria Paulina Trevino, Maria Ygnacia
Santana, Maria Anastacia Trevino, Paula
Santana, Maria Gertrudis Trevino, Petra
Santana, Maria Leonor Trevino, Rosa
Santana, Maria Luisa Trevino, Ruperta
Says, Juana Maria Urdiales, Apolinaria
Says, Maria Estefana Urdiales, Maria Concepcion
Says, Maria Juana Valdez, Clemencia
Says, Maria Rosa Valdez, Francisca
Segovia, Maria Petra Valdez, Maria Antonia
Sendeja, Maria Valdez, Maria Barbara
Sendeja, Maria Del Refugio Valdez, Maria Del Refugio
Sendeja, Maria Petra Valdez, Maria Edubiges
Sendeja, Maria Susana Valdez, Maria Edubigis
Sendeja, Maria Trinidad Valdez, Maria Eduviges
Sepeda, Maria Gregoria Valdez, Maria Francisca
Sepulveda, Maria De Jesus Valdez, Maria Josefa
Sepulveda, Maria Rosalia Valdez, Maria Marta
Serda Guadiana, Maria Valdez, Maria Rita
Serda, Dorotea Valdez, Maria Teresa
Serda, Maria Dorotea Valdez, Maria Trinidad
Serda, Maria Francisca Valera, Maria Ygnes
Serda, Maria Gertrudis Valle, Maria Adriana
Serda, Maria Juana Valle, Maria Francisca
Serda, Maria Juana Josefa Valle, Maria Juliana
Serda, Maria Petra Vallego, Maria Paula
Sereno, Maria Gertrudis Vallejo, Maria Paula
Serna, Maria Antonia Vargas, Fabiana
Serna, Maria De Los Angeles Vargas, Maria Teodora
Serna, Maria De Los Reyes Vargas, Maria Vicenta
Serna, Maria Ylaria Vasquez, Maria Clementa
Silva, Maria Vasquez, Maria Teodora
Silva, Maria Francisca Vasquez, Maria Timotea
Silva, Maria Gertrudis Vasquez, Maria Trinidad
Silva, Maria Guadalupe Vega, Maria Antonia
Silva, Maria Tomasa Vega, Maria Dolores
Sobrevilla, Maria Rosalia Vega, Maria Estefana
Solis, Maria Gertrudis Vega, Maria Josefa
Solis, Maria Guadalupe Vega, Maria Luisa
Solis, Patricia Vega, Maria Rosalia
Sotero, Maria Josefa Vela, Maria Catarina
Sotero, Maria Tomasa Vela, Maria Francisca
Sotero, Maria Ygnacia Vela, Maria Gertrudis
Sotero, Tomasa Vela, Maria Luisa
Soto, Maria Dolores Vela, Maria Rosalia
Suares, Josefa Velis, Francisca
Suares, Maria Cecilia Verde, Maria Estefana
Suares, Maria Guadalupe Vidal, Francisca
Suares, Maria Juana Vidales, Maria Josefa
Suares, Maria Lorenza Villafranca, Juana
Suares, Maria Magdalena Villafranca, Maria Francisca
Suares, Maria Rita Villafranca, Maria Josefa
Suares, Maria Ygnacia Villafranca, Maria Luisa
Suares, Nicolasa Villafranca, Maria Ysabel
Tames, Maria Del Carmen Villalon, Maria De La Asencion
Tames, Maria Ysabel Villanueva, Maria Gertrudis
Tanguma, Maria Del Rosario Villanueva, Maria Guadalupe
Tanguma, Maria Gertrudis Villanueva, Maria Juana
Tapia, Gertrudis Villanueva, Maria Juliana
Tapia, Maria Gertrudis Villarreal, Marcela
Tapia, Maria Manuela Villarreal, Maria Brigida
Telles, Maria De Jesus Villarreal, Maria De La Luz
Tijerina, Antonia Villarreal, Maria Francisca
Tijerina, Guadalupe Villarreal, Maria Josefa
Tijerina, Juana Villarreal, Maria Rosa
Tijerina, Juana Gertrudis Villarreal, Maria Simona
Tijerina, Juana Maria Villarreal, Maria Tomasa
Tijerina, Maria Villarreal, Maria Ygnacia
Tijerina, Maria Antonia Villarreal, Maria Ysabel
Tijerina, Maria Candida Villarreal, Rosa
Tijerina, Maria Canida Villarreal, Tomasa
Tijerina, Maria De Los Dolores Villarreal, Ysabel
Tijerina, Maria Dorotea Villarreal, Ysabel Maria
Tijerina, Maria Gertrudis Vital, Maria Francisca
Tijerina, Maria Guadalupe Yanes, Maria Josefa
Tijerina, Maria Petra Ybarra, Maria Felipa
Tijerina, Maria Teresa Ybarra, Maria Josefa
Tobar Reyes, Maria Del Rosario Ybarra, Maria Ruperta
Tobar, Maria Edubige Ybarra, Maria Teodora
Tobar, Maria Guadalupe Yglecias, Francisca
Tobar, Maria Josefa Yglecias, Maria Antonia
Tobar, Maria Juana Yglecias, Maria Francisca
Tobar, Maria Leonor Yglecias, Maria Gertrudis
Tobares, Maria Edubige Ynfante, Gertrudis
Tobares, Maria Guadalupe Ynfante, Maria Feliciana
Tobares, Maria Juliana Ynfante, Maria Francisca
Tobares, Maria Trinidad Ynfante, Maria Gertrudis
Tonseca, Maria Dolores Ynfante, Maria Josefa
Torres, Maria Antonia Ynofo, Maria Lina
Torres, Maria Concepcion Ynofosa, Maria Marta
Torres, Maria Gertrudis Ynofosa, Maria Rafaela
Torres, Maria Guadalupe Zamora, Maria Dolores
Torres, Maria Juliana Zapata, Maria Juliana
Torres, Maria Paula Zartuche, Maria Luciana
Torres, Maria Tomasa Zuniga, Maria Dionicia De Jesus

Genealogy Book:

Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez; Volume 2: With Complete Baptismal Extractions for 1816-1825, Michael A. Carrillo, Copyright 2000, 289 pages.